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With cPanel Hosting, There are a Few Things That You Do NOT Need to Know

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

You will not need to know a lot of UNIX commands to handle the installation of scripts or pages that used to take quite a bit of time and homework.  The vast majority of coding that used to take so much time just to get a simple capture page box to collect e-mail addresses is now a bit more of a breeze than they were.  That also goes for the late night calls to the Tech line just so that your php scripts will work the right way.

That is not even talking about getting all of the programs in just the right line to be able to set up an e-mail forwarder or an auto responder.  The functionality of the very versatile cpanel hosting account that you can get for a very  little bit of money each month allows you the ability to get your web site(s) into shape and keep them that way for a long time.  The things that you do not need to know could fill some of the disc space you’ll have more control over.

With VPS Hosting You Have Full Root Access

Friday, December 10th, 2010

You have full access to all of the elements that make your web sites yours.  You have operational separation and full authority to set up scripts, manipulate the configurations of any and all of these and you are not influenced by anything that anyone else is doing on their websites.  This is very important to you as a webmaster.

This gives you the ability to adapt the web server with great scalability.  The VPS hosting company will keep track of the needs that you have and make suggestions as to when you need to enlarge your disc space.

Not needing to share a server with other, possibly less qualified users, will keep you and yours very safe.  The first time that you do this, you will notice the difference.  The exclusivity is the thing that helps keep you on track.

The ability to upload, download and re-boot as needed and also the updates of previously uploaded material will be the icing on the cake as far as flexibility is concerned.