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Drupal Vs. Joomla Hosting

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

When it comes to content management systems, there are two main ones that you can choose from: Drupal or Joomla Hosting. Depending on what you want will determine which one is best for you and your website.

For many website developers Drupal is the usual choice but it does involve a lot more programming. Joomla is perfect for fixing everything quickly and great for beginners. You do not need to know anything about programming to make Joomla work or run smoothly.

One thing that Joomla is able to do better than Drupal is set up a community site, if that is something that you are considering. It is very easy to add forums within websites, which makes it perfect for a community use.

Both work on many different platforms and with many different plug-ins so it is generally a personal choice on which you use and depends entirely on what you want out of your website. Only you can make the decision on whether you opt for Joomla or Drupal.